Have you wondered why so many people fall asleep at those PowerPoint presentations?

The problem? Too many bullet points! They are deadly!!

Point is often referred to as electronic chloroform - it KNOCKS people out!!

You know what I mean. You know - those dreadful presentations that have 10 bullet points on each slide and the speaker reads each bullet point out loud while standing in front of the screen with his back towards you?

There is a much better way of making PowerPoint presentations. It starts with these three basic rules:

1. Never use bullet points!
2. Make one point per slide with a relevant photo of your point.
3. Use as many slides as you have points to make.

Here is a book on how to make GREAT PowerPoint presentations. It contains step-by-step approach on how to structure your presentation without ever using those dreadful bullet points. It has 20 practical tips on what to do before and during your presentation as well as on what you can do to overcome your nervousness before an audience.

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