Why some consultants are better than others

Packed with practical tips on how to market your professional services to your future clients.

In his book, Norman Wei shares his insights on how consultants are actually selected - from the inside perspective of a corporate client/user. He provides numerous real life examples of how some consultants are successful in getting selected and why others are much less successful.

This book is unusual in that it is written by an author who has been on BOTH sides of the table - having hired and fired numerous consultants and
ng a consultant himself.

In a clear no-nonsense manner, Norman shows you:

  • How you should prepare for the first meeting.
  • How you can get high quality information at the first meeting with your future clients by asking the right questions.
  • How you can make exciting PowerPoint presentations without putting your audience to sleep.
  • How you can make a great impression on your future clients.
  • How you can write winning proposals.
  • How you can protect yourself from unethical clients.
  • How you can overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • How you can get your staff to respond to your clients in a timely manner.

This book also shows you how to avoid the 13 most common mistakes made by consultants.

NOTE: The practical advice offered in this book are applicable to anyone who offers his professional services to the public and private sectors. This includes engineers, consultants, attorneys, accountants, architects, realtors, etc.

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Norman is also available to come to your office and deliver a customized in-house training seminar for your staff at a very reasonable rate.
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About the Author:

Norman Wei is an environmental consultant and public speaker based in Cape Coral , Florida. He has over 33 years of practical experience both as a consultant and corporate environmental manager.

For nine years, from 1989 to 1998, Norman was the senior corporate environmental manager at Star-Kist Foods Inc. - one of the world's largest manufacturers of tuna and pet food. He reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

He is now the founder and principal instructor at Environmental Management and Training, LLC. Over 2000 companies have sent their employees to his public seminars. He serves on the editorial advisory board o Business and Legal Reports and is a contributing editor for Pollution Engineering Magazine. He has written hundreds of articles on his
blog on how to make effective presentations.